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About Us

Production House
Central Texas.

Knotted Tree Studios is a creative and professional video production company located in Central Texas. We have had the honor of working all over the Lone Star State and produce high quality material for our clients no matter what the purpose of their project.

We offer video production services, unique, original photography shoots and effective digital marketing solutions to our clientele.

It’s never a bad time to be creative and we live every moment as such.

What You Need In A Production House

Our team is comprised of trained and experienced professionals who only use industry standard equipment, technology and programs for our projects. From idea inception to post production, we keep the ball rolling and create a personalized look and feel to every job.

What had originally started as a basic one man freelance operation, has now evolved into a creative enterprise of talented individuals that serve small businesses and individual clients alike.

Production House Texas

Our Three Production Divisions

Video Production

We can capture, produce and edit a wide range of video projects. From animation explainer videos to in depth documentaries and anywhere in between. We create videos that we are proud of and that accomplish the goals of our client. Our production house has worked with state advocacy groups, escape rooms, haunted houses and a huge array of small businesses across Texas.

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Our in house studio is capable of a wide variety of themes and genres. We have multiple lighting systems that can accomplish almost any lighting requirements we need for a desired effect and mood. But we aren’t just limited to our studio, we travel all over Texas for the right location to make the end product perfect! We love doing themed shoots and are proud of the neon body paint, witch in the woods, vampire, and fine art pieces that sit nicely inside our portfolio.

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Digital Marketing

Knotted Tree Studios’ marketing division is a unique beast that you can unleash to increase your exposure, improve your search engine rank, engage your followers and sell your product or service. With over a decade of experience behind the wheel, we bring a unique perspective, creative solutions and detailed monitoring of all campaigns so your business can reach it’s goals. We work effectively with multiple web design platforms, utilize industry standard search engine optimization software and have streamlined the marketing campaign process which allows us to offer our services at a lower rate than most of our competitors.

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Why Choose Us?

Our team has years of experience in the creative industry working the the commercial and individual sector. When you choose us you know this isn't just our hobby, its a life long career.
We only use industry standard equipment, programs and accessories. Investing in the right tools is never cheap, but it's always worth every penny!
Training and Certifications
Not only do we have the right tools for the job but we are also trained and certified to use them. Our team is certified with SEMrush, AWAI, and Adobe. Our drones are registered with the FAA and all of our staff has gone through countless hours of training on each piece of new equipment before it ever sees the field.
Customer Service
We take pride in the relationships that we form with our clients. Take a look at our reviews! We treat you as part of the team from the moment we meet and continue that relationship after the job is completed!
We don't like the boring and ordinary. We want every project to stand out and set a new standard with our clients. Of course we can do an ordinary project as well, but if unique is what you are looking for, we'll think outside of the box with you!
Satisfaction Guaranteed
If it's not right, we'll make it right. No matter how big or small the project, we do NOT rest until you are completely happy with your project and end product!

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