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Our Boudoir Models

Our Sponsored Boudoir Models

In our line of work we have the opportunity to work with some really great people. During our travels we have made some great relationships and shoot with a few models quite regularly. Below you will find information about our sponsored boudoir models, their portfolios and how you can support them!


Hey beautiful people! My names Lyli. Born and raised in Austin Texas naturally I’m just a weird one. I love tattoos and art of every style. Music and comics are my hobbies. Open minds and hearts are where it’s at in my book. My life has been a series of unfortunate events but my family has always been behind me. Going into modeling definitely had me feeling like a fish out of water. Obviously I’m not the tall skinny goddess you usually see but I’ve learned I’m a Goddess all my own. (Along with the help of Danie & MJ) hopefully seeing this as well as the wonderful women I work with helps you find your inner goddess as well.

glamor boudoir photography


Hey y’all! My name is Omega. Being born in Louisiana and raised and living in Texas I’m covered in ink, full of caffeine, and loads of fun. Respect goes a long way and so does lighting up having a little fun. Seeing that I’m a Leo naturally being sassy and classy is the name of my game. I can dress down, or dress up, and I love to live, laugh and have fun. Being unapologetically myself includes characteristics such as being funny, outgoing, and the center of attention, especially at parties and little get together. As to why I got into modeling, one of my good friends talked me into doing a boudoir photoshoot. I kinda struggled with my image and he said let someone capture my beauty so I can see what he sees. It was a really empowering event and almost like a confidence booster and I recommend every woman does it, plus having a little fun here and there never hurt anyone, so bring on the champagne and confetti and let’s have a little party.

omega boudoir photography in killeen


Nice to see you! I’m Monica and I have modeled with Knotted Tree Studios for a little over a year now. I’m an extremely outgoing person and love to have fun, rather that be in life or in my shoots! I am focused on success and providing an incredible life for my family which is my absolute world. If i’m not in front of the camera you can find me in nature where I feel most at home. Take a look at my portfolio and browse through the products, I would love for you to support me and my ongoing journey! 

Water Boudoir Shoot Dana Peak
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