Knotted Tree Studios Partners With Soldiers In Need Foundation

On April 15, 2022 the sound decision was made for Knotted Tree Studios, a production house located in Central Texas and The Soldiers In Need Foundation, a non profit organization that helps veterans and civilians alike, to join forces. 

The Soldiers In Need Foundation has a deep history helping the community in the Killeen area and has many resources at it’s disposal to help those in need get back on their feet again. With multiple commercial and residential properties at the foundations disposal, the goal of joining all of these assets together to work in unison as part of a larger scale assistance program started to manifest.

History Of The Soldiers In Need Foundation

The non profit foundation was established in 2019 with the goal of helping disabled veterans such as the founder “Soldier 4 The Lord” who had his name legally changed to represent his dedication and commitment to his cause. Soldier saw a dire need to give expanded and understanding assistance to his fellow brothers and sisters in arms, who after leaving the armed forces did not receive the help they needed in most cases. Utilizing his resources and network, the foundation contributed and helped build free meal opportunities, proactive and constructive therapeutic activity programs, a 24/7 suicide prevention hotline, temporary housing opportunities and homelessness assistance action plans.  It didn’t take long for Soldier’s mission to gain attention and a following, resulting in multiple talk show appearances and media coverage.

Soldiers In Need History

The Foundation's Next Move

With massive support from the local community, law enforcement and other non profits, the foundation has formulated a plan to bring the capabilities of it’s assistance programs a step further and deepen it’s footprint inside of Killeen’s restructuring efforts.

With the assistance and guidance from out of state associations who have implemented the same concept successfully, The Soldiers In Need Foundation plans to connect every resource, property and equipment in it’s arsenal, to create a culinary job training facility that will serve as the headquarters for a city wide advancement program that will offer free meals to multiple locations across Killeen, provide temporary housing to those in need and give them the resources they need to train for and apply to better paying jobs. 

The goal of the foundation is not just to provide shelter from the storm, but to equip those that feel trapped inside it the tools and resources needed to better themselves and place them on a rewarding career path that will lift them from their current situation and allow them to succeed. 

Inside it’s fleet of resources are multiple concession and food trailers that can make the free meals prepared by job training applicants mobile and deliver them to areas where it is needed most.

The Roadblocks To Completion

As of late, the foundation has faced increased pressure from the city regarding it’s assets and has placed multiple obstacles in the pathway to the foundations goals of assisting those in need. Without the blessing from city officials, this program and all of those it could benefit, remain at a standstill. The foundation needed professional assistance in organizing the moving parts, preparing and presenting necessary training material and creating an effective onboarding process for the community and local businesses to get involved.

A Partnership Is Formed

Without the technical training or experience in a fully digital world, The Soldiers In Need Foundation reached out to local production house Knotted Tree Studios LLC and the plan’s fire was reignited. 

It just made sense. The foundation approached us and outlined their vision and we immediately knew we wanted to get involved.

M.J - Creative Director

With the combined forces of both entities in motion, it became obvious that the foundations momentum was far from over. Web development plans, multimedia creation and investor proposals and acquisition material were soon underway to acquire the local support and funding needed to show the city that this was not merely a far fetched dream of saving the world, but it was in fact possible.