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Haunted House Promotion

Promotional Services For Haunted Houses

For anyone who has followed our page or our work for more than 18 seconds, it’s easy to tell that we have a knack and passion for projects that are out of the ordinary and lean towards the creepy and dark side. 

These types of projects really allow our creators to do what they do best; which is to tell a story and intrigue the viewer. With our creative director being a published horror author, haunted house projects are a theme that we do especially well in.

The most important part of a haunted house promotion is the story. Your story has to be captivating, bone chilling and told in a manner that leaves your viewer wanting to see more, leaving them with only one option left, which is buying tickets to your attraction.

Our studio can tell your story and with an array of production options, can tell your story from a unique perspective. 

Zeroing In On Your Promotional Needs

We have done all kinds of projects, from walkthroughs, teasers, documentary videos and full blown production projects. 

What we have to decide, is what kind of video will best serve the interest of your needs and ultimately reach the goals of your attraction.

Knotted Tree Studios strives to bring your vision to life and makes you a part of the production team during the process. 

We draw out a complete story board and get a solid idea of the project before the cameras start rolling. It’s your attraction that you have poured blood sweat and tears into, so it’s our mission to ensure the story is told as you envision it!

What We Can Do For You

Our production house is capable of full scale marketing campaigns that will bring your attraction to the forefront of your area. We have an in house marketing division that can create or revamp your website, optimize your content and business listings so that you appear higher in search results.

Our graphic design team can create web ads, logos, flyers and more so that when you promote your attraction you have eye catching visuals that arose the curiosity of your prospects.

And finally, our production team can draw out, plan, craft and shoot amazing videos for your viewers. We have multiple options for various budgets so you can get a product that fits your needs and your pocket.

Reach out to us today and schedule a call with our creative director and allow us to give you the promotional tools you need to make this haunt season a massive success!

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