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Boudoir Magazine

Knotted Tree Studios Boudoir Magazine

Boudoir photography is an amazing art form which allows the subject to feel empowered, beautiful and on top of the world. It’s a special kind of shoot which needs to be handled with care, understanding and a creative and trained eye.

Lighting techniques can be vastly different inside of a boudoir photoshoot, depending on the desired look and knowing how to sculpt the body with various light sources becomes a necessity. Over the years we have trudged through the trenches of trail and error and have become quite confident in our methods. It is our goal to make you feel confident, from start to finish, from consultation to final product delivery. We want YOU to feel good in YOUR skin.

We offer boudoir photography services to Killeen and the surrounding areas. So if you’ve been looking for an opportunity to step out of the box, this may be what you’ve been searching for. We love to do unique and unusual shoots that you don’t see everyday. So if you have a theme in mind, shoot us the idea! We would love to hear it!

Boudoir Killeen Neon 2
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